Research Library Update: Open-Ended Video Games: A Model for Developing Learning for the Interactive Age

In “Open-Ended Video Games: A Model for Developing Learning for the Interactive Age” by Kurt Squire you see a pretty clear model for how Civilization in particular, and games in general, can be tools to engage students and propel their learning outside of the classroom. To read my thoughts on the article and download it, check out the Research Library page.

Research Library Update: Imagining Library 4.0: Creating a Model for Future Libraries

I believe very strongly that the library can and should be the center of community learning. Libraries can be a place where people come, not only to find information and have basic access to technology that they may not have personally, but also can be a place to inspire people and move them towards their passions and interests in ways that schools and home life cannot. There is an incredible opportunity for libraries to be an agent of change in a community. This article, “Imagining Library 4.0: Creating a Model for Future Libraries”, posted in the “Misc” section of the library, reinforces some of those ideas and discusses how libraries can adapt to emerging technology.

Questions I Would Ask…..

I’m going to try something.

If you’ve been following me on Twitter lately, and reading this website lately, you would see I am doing a LOT of reading, and thinking about emerging technologies and their use in the classroom.

I have a lot of questions. 

So here is my experiment.  I am going to post some questions to someone who I think can answer them. And then I am going to wait and see if they do.  The title of this experiment is: Questions I would ask someone if they had the time to answer them. I don’t want to waste anyone’s time. I don’t want to be annoying. But I do want to engage in meaningful conversations and be someone who is looking for solutions instead of just pointing out the problems.

I know who my first target is and I’ll have something posted in the next day or so, once I finish reading a few more things he has written. Stay tuned.

Research Library Update: Shakespeare … Steinbeck … Harper Lee … Ni no Kuni.

The second addition to my “research library” is up. Please take a look at this fantastic longform piece written in 2013 by Polygon writer Colin Campbell “Shakespeare … Steinbeck … Harper Lee … Ni no Kuni.” If you are looking for inspiration to use games in your Literature/English/Novel Studies classes, you will find it here! Click on the main menu link for the Research library and look for my review under the Video Games section.

I Am Building A Research Library, And Need Your Help!

I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately. Some of it coming from other engaged colleagues who are trying, like me, to expand their horizons and learn, as well as other material as part of my own personal growth plans.

I am going to really start pushing the envelope in terms of ideas I have for integrating technology into elementary education. I think there is untapped potential in emerging technology and devices that we aren’t even close to adopting in classrooms. I’d like to make the case for those.  The plan is to build a small print library of reading with notes by me included – something I can put in a stakeholders hands and say “THIS is why we should do this“. I will also house a larger digital library online here.

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