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cropped-00400050.jpgMike Washburn is a Father, Husband and Educator from Barrie, Ontario.  Currently the Head of Computer Science at Richmond Hill Montessori and Elementary Private School in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

Curriculum Vitae

Current Position: Head of Computer Science & Technology Integration Specialist, Richmond Hill Montessori and Private Elementary School, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. (www.rhms.ca)

In this position I am the designer and teacher of a next-generation elementary technology curriculum which focuses on students becoming digital creators as opposed to merely digital consumers.  Students learn Website Design, Digital Imaging and Design, Video and Animation and Computer Programming.  A heavy game-based learning program is in place to engage students and motivate them to work hard and be creative problem solvers.

As a Technology Integration Specialist, I also train and provide support to the faculty of RHMS on technology integration and how to enhance their practice through the use of technology.


2012 – Bachelor of Arts and Science in Interdisciplinary Studies. Lakehead University.

2013 – Bachelor of Education. Lakehead University.

2014 – Present – Masters of Education. Lakehead University.

AQ’s and Other Training:

ABQ Intermediate. 2013. Lakehead University.

Integration of Information and Computer Technology in Instruction, Part 1. 2015. York University

Key Work:

Virtual Worlds and Real Life: an autoethnographical journey in online gaming. – See more at: http://www.mrwashburn.net/virtual-worlds-and-real-life-an-autoethnographical-journey-in-online-gaming/#sthash.qse901nm.dpuf


Please visit http://www.mrwashburn.net/endorsements/ to read some of the great things people have said about me.

Speaking Opportunities:

I have had a number of opportunities to speak on video game-based learning and using games to motivate and engage our students.


February 2014 – Guest Lecturer – Lakehead UniversitySAMR: Teaching “Above The Line”

March 2014 – Guest Lecturer – Lakehead UniversityThe Organized Chaos of EdTech Teaching

November 5-7th 2014 – BIT14 Niagara Falls, ON – ECOO / OASBO-ICT – The Minecraft Makerspace

June 28th-July 1st 2015 – ISTE 2015 Philidelphia, PA – International Society for Technology in Education – The Minecraft Makerspace


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  1. Dear Mike, thanks for mentioning us in your tweet. We are a start-up based in Munich, Germany, and we are developing a game-based language learning solution. We put the user as the protagonist in an interactive language adventure. Our first product will be for learning Spanish. I was wondering if there is a way we could collaborate in some way. You can find more information about us and a video on http://www.lingoyou.com – thank you and best regards, Ingo

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