Apple Distinguished Educator 2017: Video Script

I learned a lot going through the process of applying for the ADE program in 2015. My application was not successful, but in reality I knew it just was not yet my time. I also knew that I had the next two years to really focus on stepping my game up. In the last two years we have done some incredible things. Teaching is hard, teaching exceptionally though – with passion and purpose; with direction and cause – is so much harder. I’d like to think I teach exceptionally. While the work never ends, I am proud of where I’ve gotten to so far.  Here is my script for the video I am creating as part of my application for the Apple Distinguished Educator class of 2017.

Teaching is hard. Teaching exceptionally is even harder.

Over the next few minutes I’d like to share with you how using Apple technology has given my students the opportunity to do amazing things, how I have used this technology to transform my own practice, and how, through speaking and leading training sessions, I help teachers move from teaching, to teaching exceptionally.

If you interviewed parents of the students I teach one thing that they would all tell you is “I never thought my kid would ever be able do that!”  I have to remind them that children have an incredible capacity to learn – all you need is the right teacher, and the right tools, to make it happen.

From using Pages and Keynote, to coding using Swift Playgrounds. From our Grade One, Two, and Three students using their one-to-one iPads to take and edit photos, to our Grade Four to Eight students using their one-to-one Macbook Air’s and iMovie for green screen filmmaking and stop motion. Apple products are a critical component to my teaching and have revolutionized the way our students learn.

Part of this revolution includes ensuring that our teachers are well trained and confident.  As a Technology Integration Specialist, I spend much of my time working with teachers; giving them ideas they can use to engage their own students. We’ve created AWESOME assignment presentations using video, and introduced augmented reality to our students to supercharge engagement – there really is no limit to what we’ve been able to do together.

I’ve had the incredible opportunity to speak at education conferences and events around the world such as ISTE about game-based learning, and technology integration strategies such as SAMR.

I’ve never been more excited for the future. I have the skills, I have the tools, and I have the passion. There has never been a better, more important time to not just teach, but teach exceptionally. I hope you consider my application for the Apple Distinguished Educators Program. thank you for watching.

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